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Ciao, bella!

So here’s a little story…

When I was 2 I used to live in Italy. It always comes up as my ‘fun fact’ when I have to introduce myself to a big group of people that I don’t know.

At the time I was completely fluent in Italian, I used to pop down to Mario’s at the end of the road and pick up a loaf of schiacciata (salty bread) to devour back at our villa.

Now, however, despite studying GCSE italian as part of my degree, I am useless.

My boyfriend always laughs at me as I tried to impress him when we first met by telling him I could speak Italian. I got myself in a v sticky situation though when we ended up on holiday in the Cinque Terre two months later and he said ‘go on then, you order the food’.

All I could say was ‘ciao’. LOL

So when I saw this BEAUT top on Anthropologie‘s website, it felt only right to pair it with a pair of vintage tartan trousers and pose outside of a pizza shop. Unfortunately no pizza was ordered (this wasn’t cause I’m in Italy lol, I just don’t think I’ve quite got to that stage in my blogging career where I can pull off posing with a pizza slice like Isabella Thorsden).

Anthropologie are absolutely bossing it at the moment. Look at those beautiful Tretorn platform trainers too (anything to give me a bit more height)!

I hope you like the photos below, ciao bella!


Outfit details

Anthropologie Sol Angeles t-shirt £58*

Anthropologie Tretorn trainers £88*

Urban Outfitters urban renewal trousers £46

*features press samples, see disclaimer


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A Parisienne Tights Subscription: Gambettes Box



So here’s a little story about why I love Twitter. My sister asked for some patterned tights for Christmas, but not being quite up on the hosiery market, I had no idea where to look. When I tweeted asking for advice, the absolute babe that is Georgia replied and said I should check out Gambettes Box*, a subscription service that delivers 2 pairs of tights through your letterbox every month. So I signed up, ordered a box, and the minute the tights came to my flat, I fell in love.


What is a Gambettes Box? 


Designed in Paris, Gambettes Box delivers two pairs of beautiful tights every month. And I’m not talking cheap, snag-on-the-first-day tights.  These are beautifully made with a unique design, and the most Parisienne packaging you’ve ever seen. When I received my first box, I wanted to pull my new tights on, grab a café au lait and skip gaily down the Champs Elysées (instead I pulled them over my sausage legs and took photos round the corner from my flat, making sure the local Greggs was not in shot).


What do you get in a Gambettes Box?


The joy of a Gambettes Box is that you don’t quite know what you’re going to get every month! The tights are a complete surprise, but from the two boxes I’ve received so far, they’re always elegant and stylish. The packaging is absolutely beautiful too, complete with French quotes, and postcards of models styling the tights. They make great presents for your gal pals’ birthdays and they’re an absolute bargain at only £13.90 per box (I even have a cheeky discount code below too!).


Where can I buy a Gambettes Box? 


Gambettes Box is a subscription service, so you get a box monthly but if you just want to buy 1 box, you can! You sign up to the subscription and then cancel the service when you’ve collected enough beautiful tights to last you a lifetime! If you don’t cancel the subscription you’ll still be delivered a box a month, but it’s pretty much a rolling contract. And the brilliant thing is guys, that because I’ve teamed up with Gambettes Box, you can get £2 off your first order! All you have to do is use the code:


Click here to order your first box: https://www.gambettesbox.com/#ae165  


I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful patterned legs! (not in a weird way…)

Emma x

*Features press sample, see disclaimer



Outfit Details

Olive Clothing khaki wool mini skirt £48

Gambettes Box patterned tights £13.90 (for two pairs)

Hollister black turtle neck (similar)

Accessorize black wool beret £12

Primark black loafers (similar)


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A weekend in Dorset

Walking along jagged cliffs, breathing in sea air, and drinking lots of wine in cosy pubs with open fires. Have I just described your perfect weekend? Because I have definitely just described mine.

There are so many beautiful places in the UK to explore, and Dorset is one I’ve barely touched (despite living just down the road… #embarrassing) I spent last weekend with my boyfriend’s family in West Bay, which I was very excited to find out, was where they filmed Broadchurch!

We went on the most beautiful walk along the cliffs on Sunday morning (photos below) and I wore my fave new FILA colour-block sleeve jumper, which you can buy here. I hope you like my photo diary below!

Emma x

Outfit details

ASOS Fila Sweatshirt with colour block sleeves £55

Patagonia Grey Recycled wool hat £25

Accessorize Sterling Silver earrings £10


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How to wear yellow

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I am (very) prone to wearing a lot of black.

Anyone else scared of bright colours? Cause I am TERRIFIED.

But this year, I am embracing ‘terrified’, so hence, in this post, I’m wearing bright colours! If you’re a bit wary like me, team a bright jumper with black jeans and accessories so the colour is the focus of the outfit. Et voila, you’ve nailed it!

This gorgeous mustard/ochre yellow jumper is from Oasis and it’s a perfect colour to wear in time for Spring. (Basically just tryna dress like a daffodil)

What fashion fears are you going to conquer this year?

Outfit details

Oasis Cable Knit jumper in Bright Yellow £36

ASOS Brixton Womens Baker Boy hat £40 (perfect for small heads!)

Urban Outfitters BDG black skinny jeans £45

Urban Outfitters Western Leather belt £28

ASOS Vagabond black leather boots £80


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A festive weekend at The Hoxton, Shoreditch

London in the Winter can be a right old sweat. Rushing in the rain to catch the next tube, ripping off layer after layer for fear of over-heating and then two stops later, putting layer after layer back on for fear of freezing to death outside.

But the minute I got to The Hoxton, Shoreditch, I instantly felt relaxed. The atmosphere is cool and chilled-out due to the bare concrete architecture and open-plan lobby complete with velvet Chesterfields, naked light bulbs and wire bookcases lined with novels.  The huge roaring fires are so inviting, it’s impossible not to drop all your bags, sink into an armchair and stay for the week. We settled down into a cosy red leather, diner-style booth and devoured a Mac and Cheese (much needed after a strenuous journey).

Our room was funky and modern with a beautiful 60s style desk complete with branded mugs and (my fave) a Roberts Radio! Ngl, we spent most of the first afternoon just chilling in the room (so lethargic after my Mac and Cheese, plus it probs didn’t help that I’d had my Christmas party the night before…). And anyway, why would you leave a room that has unlimited tea bags, pillows made from clouds and Chill fm’s soothing mix of Massive Attack and Sigur Ros (srsly tho, is this a real radio station?).

We’d decided to stay in The Hoxton, Shoreditch for two reasons:

  1. Because we were going to see a play in the evening called The Ferryman. (If you know me, you’ll know I LOVE theatre, and this was one of the best plays I’ve ever seen, hands down)
  2. Because one of my life’s hopes, dreams and ambitions has always been to go to Columbia Road Flower Market. Ohhh the hours I’ve pondered over tulips, freesias and tiny, delicate cyclamen! And as luck would have it, it was just round the corner! (lol jk this was in the plan)

Finally, my day had come.

And on that day, those 24 hours that I’d chosen, one tiny little day out of 365, it decided to bloody tip it down.

But I REFUSED to let that stop me. This was my big flower market day! (huge shout out to my boyfriend at this point who stumbled after me in the torrential rain taking blogger pics while simultaneously trying to prevent our precious new lens from getting wet lol – what a gem)

Beyond the forest of Christmas trees (not quite a forest, more cut down and popped through one of those netting machines like a french sausage) were festive displays of red berries, eucalyptus stalks, pussy willow and poinsettias all shining out in glorious, wet, Christmassy joy!

It. Was. Wonderful.

I couldn’t leave without buying a seasonal bunch myself, despite knowing it would only cause me more chaos come the rain rush, layers on, layers off, sweaty tube chaos debacle. If only there was another Hoxton Shoreditch to greet me with an open fire and Mac and Cheese when I got home!


Outfit details:

Zara mohair jumper £39.99 (similar)

Zara red round bag £39.99 (similar)

Mango red slingback shoes £59.99 

Hollister white turtle neck £4.99

Urban Outfitters jeans £50.00 

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Winter layering

This one time in the office a colleague came up to me and said ‘do you know what I like about you, Emma? You’re all about comfort over style.’


But also, 100% true.

Major respect for gals out there wandering round in knee-high boots in sub-zero temperatures, but personally I can’t be bothered. I’m all about cosy knits, long trousers, and polo necks. Anyone else have the never ending nightmare of wearing a wool coat because it’s -5 outside, but as soon as you get on a bus/enter a shopping centre/have a coffee, you get terrible Winter sweats?! I’m telling you, layering is the way forward.

This rust orange jumper from Native Youth is super snug and perfect for shoving over a black turtle neck.

I fell in love with these Topshop heritage trousers, they fit really well so they’re brill for you gals out there with short legs and a big bum (like me). I love how the orange jumper picks up the colour in the trousers – just team them with some classic Topshop loafers and your outfit is absolutely sorted.


Outfit details:

Native Youth rust coloured jumper – £60.00

Topshop Heritage trousers – £39

Topshop black loafers (similar) – £45

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Bills has always been one of my favourite places to go for a girls’ breakfast, or a lovely relaxed dinner in the evening, it’s one of those places that works for any occasion, at any time of day! 

I went to the new Bills restaurant which has just opened as part of the new West Quay development in Southampton. It was a Friday evening, so it was completely packed, despite having only opened a couple of weeks ago. 

I nearly wet myself with joy when I noticed they had a gin cocktail on the menu with a grapefruit wedge (my favourite tipple!) and my boyfriend was delighted with the iced glass they gave him for his beer. 

The menu is full of my favourite things: halloumi sticks, falafel burgers, and their sausages with a honey and mustard dip are to DIE for. I could’ve eaten a plate of those for dinner and been more than satisfied. 

Because of the woes of January, I opted for the seasonal menu and went for a Venison and Chestnut pudding with bubble and squeak mash. I love venison so I was very excited to try it, and it did not disappoint. There didn’t seem to be an abundance of chestnut, but the mash was gorgeous and I was devasted when I couldn’t eat it all (very generous portions!). 

Overall, we had a lovely evening with delicious food. Even though they were very busy, the waiting staff were incredibly attentive and always helpful. I’ll definitely be back for their breakfast to sample yet more of those sausages! 

Bills in West Quay is open now and you can book a table here: https://bills-website.co.uk/


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Amsterdam is one of my fave places ever, because every time I’ve been, I’ve left wanting more. That sounds a bit odd, but there’s just SO much to do, you leave feeling like you’ve barely scraped the surface! Here are some of my fave things to do that hopefully don’t tick the classic ‘I’m-a-tourist-in-Amsterdam box’. 

1. Go on a (non-touristy) boat trip 

In a place that’s 50% canals, you’d be mad not to see the city by boat. There are hundreds of boat trips with tours in every language, but try and scout out a different, more unique trip. I managed to go on a beautiful wooden 1920s boat, driven by a lovely Dutch man called Arnout. Seeing the city via water is really beautiful way to experience the canals and all the pretty side streets and bridges. Plus it’s a great way of peering into all the cool houseboats if you’re nosy like me!


2. Have a slice of Apple Pie

Apple pie is basically synonymous with the Netherlands. I had this gorgeous slice in Zuivere Koffie, a little cosy café on Utrechtsestraat (a beautiful street for shops and cafés), but you can literally get it everywhere. I refused to leave Amsterdam until I’d had a slice!


3. Walk the streets of Amsterdam by night 

Amsterdam is beautiful by day, but my god, at night it’s magical. It’s a custom in Amsterdam to leave your curtains open (apparently if you have them closed, it shows that you’ve got something to hide!), so it’s a joy to walk along the canals at night and see all the lights of the canal houses twinkling away. The reflections are magnificent as well. 


4. Go in a canal house (if you can!) 

I was lucky enough to stay in a canal house, so it was very easy for me to go in one, but there are a lot of cafés, restaurants and bars that are based in canal houses, just do a bit of research! The little canal house loft I stayed in was on Airbnb and it was beautiful, click here to see! 


5. Go in (at least!) one independent shop

It wasn’t until I was in Amsterdam that I really appreciated how nice it is to go in a string of independent shops and not see the same old thing. Don’t get me wrong, the main chain shops are there too (although I completely avoided them) but it’s the independent shops you really need to experience. The window displays make you want to go in every bakery and every chocolate shop. Even a shop that sold buttons, and only buttons, took my eye (bloody love buttons). Make the most of it though, because it’s depressing when you get back to the UK. 


Hutspot was my absolute favourite. It’s a café, come shop, come barbers – it has it all. Beautiful books, gifts, unique jewellery, clothing and there’s even an edgy black and white photobooth. There’s a few Hutspots dotted around so make sure you visit one!


6. Go to (at least!) one museum 

It’s overwhelming how many museums there are in Amsterdam. Van Gogh, Anne Frank’s House, and the Rijksmuseum arguably being the most famous. It’s impossible to do all of them in a couple of days, but pick one and do it well. I focused on the Rijksmuseum, because apart from anything else, the building was meant to be extremely beautiful. Try and see at least one Van Gogh as well if you can, because Amsterdam has the largest collection of his paintings in the world! 


7. Go to a Dutch supermarket 

I LOVE going out for dinner, but sometimes it’s just as fun to pick whatever food you fancy in a really nice delicatessen/supermarket, prepare it with a glass of red wine, and eat it in front of a cosy fire! It’s not cheap, but for a one-off meal, and the convenience of eating it in your little apartment, I’d say it’s pretty special. 


Amsterdam is the best. If you’ve never been before, I highly advise you to book a flight right now. It’s a beautiful, unique city, filled with culture and food and canals, and I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. 

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I have suffered with acne since I was 13 and have always been incredibly self-conscious about it. I rarely leave the house without make-up, and I once cried because I got on a train back to Southampton and realised I’d left my make-up in Reading (lol). 

Obviously this has all stemmed from my skin being red, blotchy and oily in some places, dry in other places and from having large cyst-like spots all over my face. The amount of doctors appointments I had as a teenager was ridiculous and consequently, I was on every medication under the sun. I was handed endless prescriptions with antibiotics, topical creams, contraceptive pills (hormone inbalance) but not really given much instruction on how to use/take them. 


My skin a few years ago

I went to consultations with dermatologists at the hospital who refused to prescribe me Roaccutane (a VERY strong drug for acne that can have awful side effects) due to its being linked with depression and suicidal tendencies. Retrospectively, I think this was probably a blessing considering the horror stories I’ve since heard about it. 

When the NHS consultant told me that other than Roaccutane, there weren’t any options for acne prevention, my heart sank. I was at my wit’s end, I’d tried EVERYTHING. 

It wasn’t until this year that I finally decided to suck it up and go and see a private dermatologist. I want to say now that I bloody LOVE the NHS. I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to get so many doctors appointments so easily, and for FREE, while simultaneously being given free contraception. However, from my experience it does seem that dermatology is not high on their priority list. Don’t get me wrong, I realise that there are a lot of more important things out there, but considering that 85% of young people suffer with acne, you’d thing that there would be more help out there. 

I’d been following skincare QUEEN Caroline Hirons for a while and embarked on an extensive skincare routine which cost me a bloody fortune. So when that failed to work, I thought: right, that’s it, I’m taking the plunge. And my oh my, what a plunge. 

Dr Sam Bunting is a private dermatologist based on Harley Street. She’s been on Woman’s Hour, she’s presented on TLC, but more importantly she is recognised as arguably the best cosmetic dermatologist in the UK. I literally put my face in her hands. 



I won’t bore you with the details, but in brief, she threw my skincare routine out the window, gave me a whole new medicated one, gave me a skincare plan to stick to, told me to stop using all the make-up I was currently using and instructed me on what new make-up to buy. 

I have to admit that I was slightly apprehensive at first. I had to forget everything I’d learnt from other doctors, bloggers, adverts on the tele, skincare tips in Cosmo, and advice from friends who also had acne. But honestly, the improvement to my skin is unquestionable. The redness has gone down, the scars are fading, the spots don’t appear anymore – honestly it’s a wonder I haven’t been asked to appear on Made in Chelsea with skin this flawless (lol jk). I’ve learnt how to control it, how to prevent the acne and how to keep it fresh and youthful. In a world full of false beauty promises, Dr Sam Bunting strips your skincare routine and takes you back to basics. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. 

If you have any questions about Dr Sam or anything skin-related feel free to email me [email protected]

Emma x


WITH make-up that Dr Sam recommends

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