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Scrunchy lovin’

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I am the keenest of keenos when it comes to scrunchies. All I’ve ever dreamed of is being in the Spice Girls, and having a scrunchy on my wrist permanently helps me believe that one day, it could happen… I’ve teamed up with Scrunchy Queen who kindly sent me some of their gorgeous suede vegan scrunchies!* 

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What to do when you feel wobbly

I’ve never really felt paranoid about my weight. I’ve never
counted calories, or been to a boot camp or felt self-conscious in a swimming
costume. I’ve never given up sugar, or carbs, or drunk weird teas that make you
poo a lot because they have a laxative in them. I’ve never put on an old pair
of jeans and struggled to do them up. And I’ve never looked in the mirror and
thought, ‘Oh my god, is that my body?’. That is, until now.

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