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Photo Diary: picnicking and cow parsley

Summer picnics are my absolute favourite. Especially when the weather is beautiful, you have a quiet spot by the river, and you’re wearing a beautiful linen-blend dress.

Because it was my sister, Ellie’s, birthday at the weekend we grabbed our picnic blanket and headed to our favourite hill for strawberries, Sicilian lemonade and naps in long grass.

Also how beautiful is the cow parsley? I can’t wait to have a wonderful wild garden full of it!


Outfit details (Emma)

Zara linen blend dress £29.99

Zara cat-eye sunglasses £15.99

Topshop woven bag £28.00

Outfit details (Ellie)

Zara polka dot wrap dress £25.99

And Other Stories sunglasses (similar) £13

Necklace (Ellie’s own)


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24 hours offline (at Glamping the Wight Way)

Living life online is overwhelming, stressful and all-consuming.

Writing a blog, replying to emails, maintaining a beautiful Instagram grid, continuously posting stories, interacting with others on Twitter – arrrghhhhhh! Even writing it all down makes me feel tired. It is HARD WORK. Especially when you’re told that to ‘grow’, you need to (constantly) ‘sell yourself’.

You know you need to take some time offline when you’ve been scrolling through your camera roll for 1hr 45mins desperately looking for a picture to instagram. And that’s exactly what I decided to do. I was sat on my bed, in a moment of complete digital dismay, when I realised I needed to stop. I frantically started googling ‘where in the world has the least phone signal’ and then ‘how to get to the Isle of Wight’ and then ‘Glamping on the Isle of Wight’ and I found Glamping the Wight Way!

The tagline on their website was ‘Bubbles, Blankets & Birdsong. Connect with the Natural World for a while’. I nearly hopped on the boat straight away.

So off I went to Glamping the Wight Way, ready for a digital detox and a weekend away immersing myself in nature. It is the PERFECT place to chill out and forget about your Twitter notifications. Right by the River Yar near Yarmouth, it is completely rural. You drive down a little farm track lined with cowslip and pull over to find 4 beautiful safari tents at the top of a slope with beautiful views across the fields. It’s almost completely off-grid, you have to heat the tent and the water with a little log burner and there’s the odd solar lamp but no street lights! It’s all about toasting marshmallows on a fire pit, boiling a kettle on a gas stove, and playing cards while wrapped in a blanket.

At 4 o’clock I turned my phone off (timed so that my boyfriend could watch Man U kick off at 4pm the next day *eye roll emoji*) and let out a huge sigh of relief.

This is what I learnt:

I don’t NEED my phone on me 24/7

It’s surprising how much you don’t NEED your phone in a day. Really the only desperate NEED for it is in an emergency. I don’t NEED to post on my instagram story or check my Facebook messages, but we think we do, cause we’ve all acquired such bad habits! No messages or calls came through in the 24 hours that I NEEDED to read… so maybe I don’t need my phone as much as I think I do?

My ‘checking my emails obsession’ is ridiculous 

No one, NO ONE is going to email you an amazing opportunity at the weekend. Anyone worthy of an ‘exciting email’ is going to be living their life at the weekend and not sat their worrying about whether you’ll take up their offer of a free phone case for 6 instagram posts.

I spend more time talking and not sat in silence 

Normally when my boyfriend and I go to bed, we spend around half an hour to an hour sitting on our phones, looking at nothing, sat in silence. Am I going to remember this moment when I die? No. Am I going to remember a meaningful conversation about his favourite cheese? Yes.

I didn’t miss out on much 

‘OMG but what if a MAJOR news story breaks?!’ – then you’ll find out tomorrow. ‘But what if @instagramuser does an AMAZING instagram?!’ – you’ll see it tomorrow. ‘YEAH but what if ALIENS invade the planet and EAT my cat’ – bit weird, but you’ll find out tomorrow.

All that happened was Caroline Flack got engaged and a linen jacket I wanted from Mango came back in stock.

I even texted my mum at 3.59 on Saturday saying ‘HI MUM, just a reminder that I’m going offline for 24 hours! Don’t miss me too much, love you!’ and she DIDN’T EVEN REPLY.

I felt less stressed and much more relaxed 

It was so nice not worrying about other people having ‘more fun’ than me. I just tried to focus on having fun myself and not taking a ‘boomerang cheers’ for everyone else to see on the ‘gram. (‘LOOK GUYS, I’M HAVING FUN’). In the constant chaos that is life, it became one thing less to worry about.

The whole experience was a real weight off my shoulders for 24 hours and I actually loved it. That’s not to say I’m going to be offline 24/7 – how can we be in this day and age? But I’m certainly going to make a concerted effort to put my phone down, observe the world around me, listen to peoples’ conversations and just have a nice life – instead of worrying about how to portray my ‘nice life’.*

*The irony is… here is now a portrayal of my ‘nice life’ at Glamping the Wight Way haaaa. Obvs these photos were taken while we were there, but all the editing, uploading and writing of this blog was done after my time offline!


Outfit details

Mango crochet top £19.99

Mango knitted skirt £35.99

Birkenstock Arizona sandals £59.99





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Sassy in stripes

I am a jumpsuit FAN. They’re super comfy, easy to shove on, and always look cool. The only downside is getting your whole top half out every time you need a wee, but ya know, peaks and troughs.

This Native Youth number is no exception. Vertical stripes are always flattering and it’s a bargain at only 50 squid.

As you know, Native Youth are one of my favourite brands at the moment. You can get quite a few pieces from Topshop and they’re always beautifully made.

Also their clothes make me feel cool without really trying (lol, desperate to be cool).

So if you don’t mind getting chilly nips every toilet time, then absolutely invest in this beaut jumpsuit!


Outfit details 

Native Youth Bay jumpsuit £50 *

Birkenstock sandals £69.99

Ray-Ban round sunglasses (similar) £127 

Accessorize necklace (similar) £21

* This item has been gifted. See disclaimer for full details.



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Forest London plant giveaway!


Ahhh this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! My Forest London plant giveaway.

I’ve teamed up with the lovely guys at Forest to give you the chance to win this beautiful Calathea, gorgeous white pot, and Chinese Money Plant tote bag. The whole lot is worth £70!

The full details of how to enter are on my instagram story, but I’ve popped them below too!


How to enter

  1. Follow me and Forest London on instagram
  2. Repost my giveaway insta story to your insta story (saved on my highlights).
  3. Tag me and three friends (if you don’t tag me I won’t know you’ve entered!)

The giveaway will close at midnight Wednesday 18th April and is open to UK residents only!

Good luck!



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Gambettes Box X Patricia Blanchet

Yasssss Gambettes Box have smashed it again!

This month’s tights have been designed by Patricia Blanchet who makes beautifully quirky shoes (can we talk about these please).

I looove the circus theme and the tights are so perfect for this weird inbetweeny weather (defs not brave enough for bare legs yet).

The March edition of Gambettes Box comes in a drawstring bag making a cool alternative to the box I received last month! And the bag has a quote on it in neon orange:

Emmenez-moi au pays des merveilles.

‘Take me to the land of wonder’. I took this latest set of photos in a cinema which seems appropriate as I did travel to a world of cinematic wonder after the shoot!

Don’t forget you can get £2 off your first box with the code GAMBETTES EMMA just follow this link to subscribe! (Also don’t forget that if you only want to subscribe for one month, that’s absolutely fine, you can just cancel your subscription when you’ve received your first box)

Outfit details

Gambettes Box X Patricia Blanchet tights £11.90 (with my code, see above!) *

Urban Outfitters t-shirt £26

ASOS black suede mini skirt (similar) £59.99

Topshop paint splattered denim jacket (similar) £19.00

*This item has been gifted as part of an affiliate program. See disclaimer for full details


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The Coolest Plant Shop in London: Forest

You regular blog readers will know that I am the keenest of keeno 26 year old gardeners. Bloody love getting ma hands muddy and sowing baby seeds. But what do you do when you live on the 5th floor of a city centre block of flats with not a tree in sight? That’s right, you buy houseplants.

Houseplants are COOL. (Thank you, God, for bringing them back into our lives) I actually have more plants than friends. And I am always on the lookout to buy more (maybe a taaaad obsessed).

Forest is by far the coolest houseplant shop I’ve ever been in. Discreet from the outside, a secret garden on the inside: Rat Tail Cacti hang from the ceiling, String of Pearls catch the light, and crassulas tickle your ankles as you walk through the urban jungle.

Alongside the plants, there’s the most beautiful selection of pots, terrariums, vases and books (‘Prick‘ being my fave). If you’re like me, you won’t leave without buying at least a tiny succulent.

So I bought a huge cactus, yay! He’s called Spike and he stands proudly in my boyfriend’s fireplace. I wasn’t allowed to buy a plant for me, apparently I have too many and now I know why they called the shop ‘Forest‘…

Outfit details

Dr Denim Debbie coat £220*

Dr Denim Charlie scarf (similar) £50

Alfie Douglas bag £185

*features press samples, see disclaimer




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5 things to do when you feel like poo


We all have super down days – days when we cba to get out of bed, ready meals aren’t even poured onto a plate and there is no WAY this hair is getting washed. And while it’s great to take some time out from work/normal life, it’s also easy to get pulled into a downward spiral of feeling miserable 24/7. I try and do one or all of these things when I’m feeling fed up, and usually at least one will help somehow.


1.  Exercise

I promise I’ll stop banging on about exercise soon (I don’t even like it that much!) butttt it can make you feel so much better, especially if you’re sat around the house feeling low. Go for a ten minute walk, run round your local park, or shove a HIIT workout on YouTube and do it in your bedroom. I have no doubt you’ll feel better afterwards, and we all want to feel better when we’re feeling poo, so give it a go!


2. Ring your mum

Obvs you can replace ‘mum’  with dad/best friend/boyfriend etc… But I’m always ringing up my mum when I’m fed up and 9 times out of 10 she’ll make me feel way better (the other 1 time she’ll tell me to stop being stupid – ‘mummmmm I’m super stressed cause I’ve got nothing to wear for this dinner tonight’ – lol, ya get me).


3. Take some time offline

Have you thought about why you’re feeling fed up? Are you looking at skinny girls on instagram? Jel of other bloggers because they’re getting more ‘exciting emails’ than you? (read this by Vix Meldrew for perspective!) Or panicking because that fit guy you matched on Tinder has blue ticked you and not replied (how DARE he)? Make a cup of tea, run a bath, and leave your phone in your bedroom. You’ll be surprised how relaxed you feel when you haven’t got the pressure of posting another instagram, or refreshing your inbox.


4. Do something you enjoy

If I’m ever feeling down, WITHOUT FAIL the one thing that will cheer me up is Friends. I can’t watch it and feel fed up, I just can’t.  As you probably know by now, my other one true love is gardening. God knows whether it’s a maternal instinct telling me to grow little plants in seed trays, but I just bloody love it. Whether it’s buying a new plant baby, caring for my current babies, or just taking some time outside to observe the world around me (cliché, but true) I’ll always feel better when I’ve done something positive and planty (not a word).


5. Cuddle your ‘Happy Sloth’ (lol)

So here’s the embarrassing one… I have a sloth cushion and he’s called the ‘Happy Sloth’. He is permanently smiling and so every day I strive to be like him (yes, that’s right, I strive to be like a shaggy, grey, stuffed toy). But in all seriousness, it’s almost turned into some weird psychological association thing, where every time I hold the ‘Happy Sloth’ I know I have to be happy. Ridiculous, isn’t it? If I get upset, my boyfriend will pass me the ‘Happy Sloth’ because he knows it’ll force me to cheer up which is SO stupid that I laugh – whoa, bam, I’m happy again. I know MH is not that simple, of course I know that. But if you can adopt some form of ‘Happy Sloth’ into your life, it can’t not help!


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Queening in Dr Denim pink cord

Mate, I am bonkers about cord.

But I was super scared to wear it! Especially after Facetiming my boyfriend with a pair of rust-coloured trousers and have him tell me I look like a Geography teacher… (embarrassing screenshot at bottom of post)

So I thought forget the rust, let’s go classic, let’s go pink.

This Dr Denim co-ord is so full of sass I can’t actually deal. I haven’t stopped wearing the jacket since it arrived and it’s perfect for this inbetweeny weather (shove a hoody underneath when cold – yassss layering).

Also if you’re like me and have a big bum and little legs, the Dr Denim trousers fit like a DREAM.

Ngl, I felt like a queen all day. Absolutely owning the pink cord *fingernail sass emoji*


Outfit details*

Dr Denim pink cord trousers £50

Dr Denim pink cord jacket £70

Anthropologie Tretorn trainers £88


*features press samples, see disclaimer


And for those of you that have scrolled all the way to the bottom, here it is.



How livid do I look though lol




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NATIVE YOUTH: The Best Kept Fashion Secret

I first discovered the Native Youth brand when poring over Topshop’s website for something ‘edgy’ to wear. I found this beaut Teddy Bear coat and thought ‘omg, a great new brand that not many people have heard of’. Basically #cool.

I loved it when people asked me where my coat was from ‘oh just like this super cool under the radar brand that you probably haven’t heard of – Native Youth‘.

I got such an obsession with the brand that I’d go on Topshop’s website and KNOW which items were by Native Youth. Such a groupie.

Their collection is always stylish and you can wear everything they produce with trainers (my main requirement when buying clothes). They have a lot of loose-fitting styles which I LOVE (conceals ma massive bum) and they’re so comfortable too.

I honestly think this beautiful rust colour is flattering on anyone, and it’s definitely beautiful for the Summer. This jumpsuit is one of my fave pieces from their SS18 collection, so much so that I have the trousers and top in the same fabric too! (watch this space)

Native Youth, you’re the best kept secret. Thanks for making me look cool.


Outfit details

Native Youth jumpsuit (coming soon!)

Adidas trainers £64.95 (similar)

ASOS earrings £6



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Ciao, bella!

So here’s a little story…

When I was 2 I used to live in Italy. It always comes up as my ‘fun fact’ when I have to introduce myself to a big group of people that I don’t know.

At the time I was completely fluent in Italian, I used to pop down to Mario’s at the end of the road and pick up a loaf of schiacciata (salty bread) to devour back at our villa.

Now, however, despite studying GCSE italian as part of my degree, I am useless.

My boyfriend always laughs at me as I tried to impress him when we first met by telling him I could speak Italian. I got myself in a v sticky situation though when we ended up on holiday in the Cinque Terre two months later and he said ‘go on then, you order the food’.

All I could say was ‘ciao’. LOL

So when I saw this BEAUT top on Anthropologie‘s website, it felt only right to pair it with a pair of vintage tartan trousers and pose outside of a pizza shop. Unfortunately no pizza was ordered (this wasn’t cause I’m in Italy lol, I just don’t think I’ve quite got to that stage in my blogging career where I can pull off posing with a pizza slice like Isabella Thorsden).

Anthropologie are absolutely bossing it at the moment. Look at those beautiful Tretorn platform trainers too (anything to give me a bit more height)!

I hope you like the photos below, ciao bella!


Outfit details

Anthropologie Sol Angeles t-shirt £58*

Anthropologie Tretorn trainers £88*

Urban Outfitters urban renewal trousers £46

*features press samples, see disclaimer


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