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written by Emma 21st October 2019
Marks and Spencer Hempstead Valley

Marks and Spencer Hempstead Valley* is the new one-stop shop for young professionals living and working in Kent. There are so many new features to enhance your shopping experience, and despite having visited a few times already, I discover new things every time I go!

I’m one of these people who loves asking for help when I go shopping ‘where can I find pesto?’, or, ‘what can you recommend for dinner?’, so I love that the new shop has a whole load of in-store experts to help answer your questions. Not only is there a fresh-flower expert, there’s also a frozen-food expert and even a wine sommelier to make sure your choice of beverage perfectly complements your dinner party menu!

The frozen food section has quadrupled in size so there’s no excuse not to find something easy and exciting to grab for dinner, and the bakery has doubled – give me all the croissants. Not only that, but M&S are showcasing produce from local farmers. Their Red Diamond strawberries come from down the road at Mockbeggar Farm (near Rochester) by a farmer called Harry Hall!

Marks and Spencer Hempstead Valley are also making a conscious effort to cut down on their single-use plastic packaging. A lot of their fruit and veg is now loose and they’ve started supplying brown paper bags that are 100% recyclable. You can buy loose tomatoes, potatoes, corn, avocados, peppers and onions amongst other things!

With all these new features, there’s nowhere else I’d rather shop. The produce is local and fresh and the staff are friendly and helpful! What’s not to love?!


*This was a paid partnership with Marks and Spencer Hempstead Valley. See disclaimer for more details.






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