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Keep clean and stay green with the Panasonic oral irrigator

written by Emma 22nd April 2019
Keep clean and stay green with the Panasonic oral irrigator

Hands up who hasn’t flossed since they last went to the dentist in 2009? I am a terrible flosser: it’s a combination of the sheer amount of effort involved but also my growing concern for the amount of single-use plastic I consume. If I’m honest, every time I flush a piece of dental floss down the loo, I worry it will end up strangling a bird on a beach in Barbados after washing up in the sea due to my carelessness. 

That’s why the Panasonic rechargeable oral irrigator* is perfect! There’s no need to throw away any components as it’s a rechargeable device and simply uses high-powered water jets to rid your teeth of those stubborn bits of food that even wooden toothpicks can’t get! There are three settings depending on how sensitive your teeth are and there’s a water tank in the handle which needs occasional refilling. It’s the ideal device to incorporate into your oral hygiene routine after brushing to keep your teeth as clean and healthy as possible! 

This would make the perfect gift for anyone who is obsessive about having perfect pearly whites but is also environmentally conscious. It’s great to pack in your washbag if you’re off on holiday this summer, or just to have at home in case a pesky strawberry seed from your smoothie gets stuck in your teeth as you leave the house for work. 

You know that glorious feeling after you’ve been to the hygienist? You run your tongue along the outside of your teeth and find all those grooves you never knew existed because they were so full of plaque? Well with the Panasonic oral irrigator you’ll have exactly the same feeling but from the comfort of your own home. Plus, no need to feel guilty about chucking that synthetic dental floss in the bin! 

*Ad – please see disclaimer for more details

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