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Pimms, placing bets and a pair of heels: what to wear to a day at the races

written by Emma 24th March 2019
Pimms, placing bets and a pair of heels: what to wear to a day at the races

It’s 9am on a dreary Monday morning and another day of sitting at your desk replying to emails awaits. You long for summer days, freshly cut grass and let’s face it, a massive Gin & Tonic. You’re desperate for something in the diary, something to look forward to, but you’ve only got a couple of days holiday left… What could you do that doesn’t involve travelling very far, only takes a day and involves a glass of Pimms? A day at the races! In a sudden moment of spontaneity, you book some Epsom Derby hospitality tickets for you and the gals. Now to find an outfit! 

If like me, you’re always worried about where exactly on your leg the dress should come to (above-the-knees, below-the-knees, ON-the-knees?), take my advice and opt for a jumpsuit. Ok you’ll spend a few tipsy minutes giggling to yourself in the toilet as you bend into unfathomable positions trying to do up the zip, but trust me, jumpsuits are the way forward. They’re cool, they’re classy, and they’re stylish. Plus, I guarantee you’ll make a new friend out of the kind stranger in the loo who offers to zip you up! 

The other joy of a jumpsuit is that no one can tell how high your heel is. If you’re keen for a bit of extra height, by all means, wear 6 inch heels. But if the thought of a stiletto sends you into a state of shock, pair your jumpsuit with a wedge or a low platform. (If you’ve got a jumpsuit that’s long enough, no one will ever discover your secret!)

And as for fascinators, unless you want to risk looking like the infamous pretzel-head-Princess Beatrice, I’d avoid them like the plague. Hats are definitely the better of the two options, but maybe opt for something light and simple so as not to take away from the ever-wonderful jumpsuit. Etsy is great choice for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces so you don’t have the worry of wearing matching John Lewis hats with a stranger! 

And just like that, you’re Epsom Derby races-ready. Oh no wait! You still need to purchase your final accessory – where can I get a G&T?

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