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Eggbreak: a brunch to end all brunches

written by Emma 3rd September 2018
Eggbreak: a brunch to end all brunches

It’s not often that I go for a brunch and immediately want to return the next day. Eggs Benedict are Eggs Benedict ya know? Wherever you go they generally all taste the same to me, that saying the proportion of hollandaise to muffin is usually questionable (who wants a dry muffin? Certainly not me).

But Eggbreak* is in a different league. I only ever go for Eggs Benedict cause it’s a safe option and I don’t fancy weird concoctions of gherkins in omelettes with chilli flakes etc. But I would’ve been happy with anything on the menu at Eggbreak, and I can only apologise to the staff for taking 45 mins to choose (soz about that). And when it arrived, I was not disappointed: sweet potato rosti with goat’s cheese, yoghurt with dill, kale, pine nuts and pomegranate seeds.

I have come to the conclusion that goat’s cheese should appear on every brunch menu, if not with every brunch dish. Porridge with goat’s cheese, grapefruit with goat’s cheese, granola with goat’s cheese. It was divine. I’ve actually had dreams about it since. Complement with an iced coffee and a pink grapefruit mimosa and you are set for the day.

Eggbreak is tinyyy but that absolutely adds to its charm. Going to the loo makes you feel like you’ve had some of Alice in Wonderland’s ‘drink me’ potion, but they don’t cram people in for the sake of it. You’ve got plenty of room to eat your breakfast, have a coffee and take your time, you just do so in a small, quaint, Notting Hill eatery.

Eggbreak is undoubtedly going on my list of ‘best brunch places in London’ and I highly recommend you take a trip there – if you only go for the goat’s cheese, it’s so worth it. 

*This brunch was complimentary for the purpose of review. See disclaimer for full details.



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