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Why YOU should try gardening

written by Emma 29th May 2018
Why YOU should try gardening

Whether it’s seeds, sunflowers or slugs (actually not slugs), I bloody love gardening. From potting on my cosmos to weeding the vegetable patch, the more I get out in the garden, the happier I am. I realise, however, that this isn’t the most usual of hobbies for a 26 year old woman. But ever since I can remember, I’ve just loved being in the garden. When I was at uni, I spent my student loan on a clematis and trellis – TRUE STORY.

I remember going on holiday to Spain one year and every street had a waterfall of geraniums trickling down the front of the orange walls. It was so overwhelmingly stunning, that I decided to create it at home. In Reading. Lol.

I persuaded my mum to pay £4.99 postage for ‘100 FREE bright orange bulb selection’ (her least favourite colour) and she gave me a small patch of the front garden. A couple of months later and the patch was transformed into a meditarreanean Spanish vision! Orange gladioli stood tall and proud, while delicate nemesias blew gently in the wind.

Since then, I’ve never stopped growing. (my plants that is, otherwise I’d be very tall…)

Here are five reasons why YOU should get out there and give it a go.

You get to eat your own fruit and veg

There is nothing nicer than sitting down to dinner knowing that you grew 90% of the produce on your plate. That courgette wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for you! And pesticides? Pssssh, forget them mate. Can your courgette BE any more organic?

You spend more time outside

We are the indoor generation. Sat in front of a screen 24/7, sending emails to strangers and then waiting for replies from strangers. You go home, switch on the TV, watch TV, go to bed, look at phone, scroll on phone, go to sleep. Is this life? Gardening forces me to get outside! And in my opinion, those lovely sunny evenings are wasted if you’re sat indoors.

It’s therapeutic

We all know gardening is relaxing. Wafting about looking at waterlilies, listening to the woodpecker ‘peck, peck pecking’ away at the silver beech, picking a wild strawberry from beneath the sweet peas, popping it in your mouth and then BLOODY HELL, SLUG! All jokes aside though, I find it good for the soul to have a little wander in the garden now and then. You know those apps that force you to stop, breathe and meditate? The garden does that for me. It’s like my mindfulness.

It’s satisfying

I challenge you to find another living human being who isn’t a tincy bit excited that a seed they planted from an apple has grown into a tiny shoot. How difficult is it to plonk a seed in some soil? And then two weeks later, bam: new life, ahhhhh! I am Mother Nature.

Gardens are beautiful

Why do you think we spent 45 minutes putting our make-up on every day? Cause we want to look nice. Why do you think I spend 45 minutes potting on stocks every day? Cause I want the garden to look nice. Does anyone NOT enjoy a beautiful garden?* I don’t understand how you can’t!? Even if you have NO interest in gardening and don’t know ANY plant names. So what?! They’re so lovely to visit and it gives me pleasure seeing other people enjoying them.

*soz to all you hay-fever sufferers out there…








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