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The Coolest Plant Shop in London: Forest

written by Emma 26th March 2018
The Coolest Plant Shop in London: Forest

You regular blog readers will know that I am the keenest of keeno 26 year old gardeners. Bloody love getting ma hands muddy and sowing baby seeds. But what do you do when you live on the 5th floor of a city centre block of flats with not a tree in sight? That’s right, you buy houseplants.

Houseplants are COOL. (Thank you, God, for bringing them back into our lives) I actually have more plants than friends. And I am always on the lookout to buy more (maybe a taaaad obsessed).

Forest is by far the coolest houseplant shop I’ve ever been in. Discreet from the outside, a secret garden on the inside: Rat Tail Cacti hang from the ceiling, String of Pearls catch the light, and crassulas tickle your ankles as you walk through the urban jungle.

Alongside the plants, there’s the most beautiful selection of pots, terrariums, vases and books (‘Prick‘ being my fave). If you’re like me, you won’t leave without buying at least a tiny succulent.

So I bought a huge cactus, yay! He’s called Spike and he stands proudly in my boyfriend’s fireplace. I wasn’t allowed to buy a plant for me, apparently I have too many and now I know why they called the shop ‘Forest‘…

Outfit details

Dr Denim Debbie coat £220*

Dr Denim Charlie scarf (similar) £50

Alfie Douglas bag £185

*features press samples, see disclaimer




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