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Gucci earrings at Goldsmiths

written by Emma 6th December 2017
Gucci earrings at Goldsmiths

From cabinets of Gucci earrings, to displays of Hugo Boss watches, as you walk into Goldsmiths Southampton, it’s impossible not to be tempted. The shop has an air of sophistication and you know you won’t be leaving without buying a really special piece that you’ll forever remember where it’s from. You don’t go to Goldsmiths to get cheap jewellery you wear once because it’s ‘in fashion’ – do ya know what I mean?

The new look Southampton store has doubled in size since its recent reopening, meaning more space to look around and ponder the beautiful jewellery from counter to counter. (And to have a glass of champagne while you look, of course!) There’s such an array of classic jewellery, it’s impossible to know where to start. But once you’ve overcome the sheer joy of being in a room so full of diamonds, you can start to appreciate the individual pieces and the detail.

Having tried on a couple of Hugo Boss watches that didn’t fit, (I don’t own a watch so thought this would be a brilliant idea, but then remembered that my wrists are outrageously small so watches never fit #SmallWristProblems) I thought I might as well try on the Gucci range, *sigh*. It was displayed so beautifully on studded, burgundy, velvet cushions. There were classic Gucci charm bracelets, ornate pendants, and watches with constellation backgrounds (which I LOVED). I also tried on an incredibly delicate gold bangle that bent onto your wrist in the most malleable way, but never lost its shape (amazing?!).

After much deliberation, I opted for a pair of simple Gucci symbol earrings – timeless, elegant and classic.  Obviously you can’t try them on for hygiene reasons, but you’re given a special earring stick (technical term ofc.) to hold them up so you can see what they look like.  Andy, the Store Manager, went out of his way to help me make my decision, and was so informative about all the jewellery in the Goldsmiths shop. I even saw an identical pendant necklace that Kate Mids wore on her wedding day #fangirl.

I actually felt like a Made In Chelsea star throughout the whole experience – obviously I mean that in the BEST way. The service in Goldsmiths was outstanding, the jewellery is absolutely divine, the packaging is exquisite and my Gucci earrings are legit my new favourite thing and I haven’t taken them off since. If you’re considering buying that certain someone that certain something, pop into Goldsmiths, even if just for a look but it’ll be hard to prise yourself away when those diamonds start twinkling.




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