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A date at Skate – ice-skating at Skate Southampton

written by Emma 10th December 2017
A date at Skate – ice-skating at Skate Southampton

Are you even celebrating Christmas if you haven’t been ice-skating yet?

Skate Southampton and Mogul’s Alpine Bar is based in the new development of West Quay. The ice rink itself is perfectly sized to not be intimidating for first-time skaters, but not so small that you’re forever colliding into strangers (I was kindly reminded of the time I pulled a 12 year old boy to the floor by grabbing his hood because it was the nearest thing to hold onto… reflexes are funny things).

You buy your tickets from the ‘cable car’ where I was relieved to see gloves on sale (I stupidly forgot mine) in case of falling on your hands and knees. Then, it’s all about 3 pairs of thick knitted socks and getting those skates on.

I cling onto the edge desperately, as 4 year olds whizz past me at speeds of 40mph. My boyfriend is too busy skating backwards and doing twirls across the rink (despite never skating before, typical) to notice my inherent fear of falling on my bum like a poor little beetle on his back, legs waggling frantically in the air.

But 20 mins later, I’m hurtling round the rink on my own with the confidence of Lewis Hamilton at the F1 Grand Prix.

Such is the emotional roller-coaster that is ice-skating.

Mogul’s Alpine bar is the best place to cosy up in afterwards! I felt like I’d just come off the slopes and found shelter in the nearest log cabin. Twinkling lights, wooden stools, fur throws and of course, the heavy aroma of mulled wine makes for the perfect festive hideaway.

Skate Southampton is the best day out: hours of fun on the ice, mulled wine in the snug alpine bar and why not treat yourself to a meal at WestQuay afterwards too!

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Your blog is stunning. You are stunning and on top of that you write beautifully. I am in love with your style.


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