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A Mexican Feast

written by Emma 7th March 2017
A Mexican Feast

I actually have a friend who moved cities purely because there wasn’t a Wahaca where she lived. That’s how good it is. Wahaca is all about Mexican street food, small bites with lots of dips and the odd hint of spice. Everything is smothered in melted cheese, guacamole and salsa, I mean – what’s not to like?

Now I have to be honest, I was slightly distracted by the lovely French waiter I had at the new branch of Wahaca in West Quay, Southampton, that when it came to ordering I got all in a fluster and accidentally ordered guacamole and nachos as a light starter. I’m going to say something controversial now: I don’t actually like avocados (which for all of you non-foodies out there, is the main ingredient of guacamole). I’m sorry, I just don’t. However, this guacamole was the best thing that has ever had the good fortune to be put in my mouth. My god, it was amazing. So amazing in fact, that my cousin Cameron and I (who also hates avocados, btw) had demolished the whole lot in seconds. (See fig. 1)

My other fave thing about Wahaca is the black bean and cheese quesadillas. Such a simple combination, but oh such a good one – they melt in your mouth!

I had a mezcal cocktail to wash it all down. Now to be honest I didn’t know what ‘mezcal’ was, but the addition of cucumber, grapefruit and berries on the menu led me to believe it would be like a gin. It’s not like a gin. It’s much smokier, and much more like a tequila, but refreshing all the same.

I couldn’t leave Wahaca without trying their churros. Fluffy doughnuts piped into a bow shape, deep fried and dipped in a rich chocolate sauce, they are undoubtedly one of the best sweet street foods on the planet. The waiter offered me the option of trying a caramel sauce as opposed to a chocolate one and to be honest, I was reluctant. How could the combination of chocolate and churros be bettered?! But it could. What a way to finish the meal – they were absolutely heavenly.

Wahaca is now open at West Quay in Southampton. You can book your table here! 

*This meal was received as complimentary for the purpose of review

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