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What to do when you feel wobbly

written by Emma 1st February 2017
What to do when you feel wobbly

I’ve never really felt paranoid about my weight. I’ve never
counted calories, or been to a boot camp or felt self-conscious in a swimming
costume. I’ve never given up sugar, or carbs, or drunk weird teas that make you
poo a lot because they have a laxative in them. I’ve never put on an old pair
of jeans and struggled to do them up. And I’ve never looked in the mirror and
thought, ‘Oh my god, is that my body?’. That is, until now.

I can’t say what brought it on. Probably a combination of
the relentless images that are splashed all over social media, the societal
pressure to ‘eat clean’ and other peoples’ New Year’s resolutions to run
marathons aplenty.

But having now felt what a lot of other young women my age feel,
I realise that it is the strangest thing. It’s a very weird feeling to dislike
something about yourself so much, that you’ll go to extreme lengths to change
it. I’ve only experienced it once before when I suffered with terrible acne,
but as that was a hormonal problem, it was out of my control. My weight,
however, isn’t. And it’s terrifying that we are able to drastically (and also
dangerously) change our bodies if we have such a desperate desire to. Especially
when half the time, we don’t need to.

I’m not fat. I’m not even chubby. But like all of us, I’m also
not perfect. I’m going to be 25 this year so my ‘high metabolism’ is getting a
bit weary, and I can no longer get away with driving everywhere I go, alongside
eating pasta and cake for every meal (not together, obvs). I’ve put on a tiny
bit of weight over Christmas and I’m certainly not as toned as I used to be
when I was doing Pilates three times a week. But the point is it doesn’t

It’s all about creating a balance. Health is your priority,
appearance comes next. Yes try to eat your 5 fruit and veg a day, and yes don’t
have leftover Christmas chocolate for breakfast, but don’t become obsessive
just because everyone else in your social media bubble seems to be running 5k
every day. As long as you’re healthy and not overly overweight, then eat pasta
and cake! You don’t have to go to the gym five days a week, or sign up to run a
marathon. You’re allowed to sit around watching Gossip Girl with the odd glass
of wine at the weekend – and by the way that’s not me allowing you, it’s you
allowing you!

Creating a balance is about doing what you enjoy while also
maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I hate running, but I like swimming. I hate
avocados, but I like spinach. I like going to Pilates, but I hate circuits
classes (the idea of – never actually done one lol). I do all these things
because I actually enjoy them, not because I’ve constantly got my weight and
body image at the forefront of my mind. I know they will all help me maintain a
healthy lifestyle, but I also know that I enjoy a chat with Margaret in the Jacuzzi
when I go swimming, or that banging ricotta and spinach filo pie that I make
(just sayin’). Living a healthy lifestyle is about doing and eating what makes
you happy, because happiness is much more important for you and your body than
eating kale every day.

Forgive me for the cliché, but we have a limited time on earth.
Don’t waste it doing squats in the gym so you can look like some Instagram
model with rock hard abs who’s been forced to go to bi-weekly personal training
sessions by her PR company. That is, unless you enjoy it.

So to give an answer to my initial statement: ‘what to do
when you feel wobbly’, my response would be: nothing. Unless it makes you

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