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written by Emma 10th November 2016

I’m wearing 3 jumpers, it’s pouring with rain, and it’s pitch black at 5.30pm. My tan has faded, sandals have been shoved in a box under my bed and the bbq is going rusty. But instead of being miserable about how summer is long gone, I’m trying to be positive by embracing the indoors. ‘Hygge’ is a Danish concept (with no real English translation) that seems to mean getting cosy inside as the Winter weather approaches.


Candles in the evening, snuggly scarves, quality time round the fire with friends and family, warm toes, hot baths, brushed-cotton pyjamas, mulled wine, and spiced biscuits. 

Hygge is about having a positive mental attitude about being indoors and finding an appreciation for having a roof over our heads. Being grateful for the smaller things in life, and not becoming obsessed with the consumerist attitude that’s so apparent at this time of year. 

Because of the nature of my job, I spend a lot of time at home. So I have decided this year to thoroughly embrace Hygge. I’ve lit candles every day for the last week (loving the fact it’s saving me money on my electricity bill), I’ve worn slippers everywhere I go, I’ve made pies, brownies, and even mulled some cider. But if you are out all day in the freezing cold (like my sister Ellie in the last picture), hygge will make you desperate to get home, make a hot chocolate and eat biscuits in bed. 

I bloody love hygge, and you should too. 

Picture 1: Topshop socks

Picture 2: Mug and Indulge candle, both Marks and Spencer 

Picture 3: Indulge candle 

Picture 4: Urban Outfitters jumpsuit 

Picture 5: Mug

Picture 6: Topshop socks

Picture 7: Fatface pyjama bottoms

Picture 8: Topshop penguin slipper socks

Picture 9: My sister wearing Zara coat, Uniqlo skirt and Vagabond boots

(from left to right)  

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