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written by Emma 17th March 2015

I need to stop being a clone and buying the same old things the same old people are wearing from Urban Outfitters and Topshop and go charity shopping more. I found these 3 items in charity shops dotted around the country, and they all cost me less than a fiver. Plus you’re doing your bit and giving to charity (even if you are exchanging your cash for a really nice vintage Laura Ashley shirt). Big up charity shops. 


I got this in a charity shop in Dartford for about 3 squid. It’s a velour, snakeskin grey/black shift top, and it looks great with a pair of leggings and a leather jacket for a nice cocktail night out. 


This shirt is my fave thing ever. Ok to some people it might look like your nan’s curtains but it is true vintage, Laura Ashley. I wear it for interviews, meetings, that sort of thing, because it looks smart buttoned up to the neck, but also I feel like I’ve left a mark (people won’t forget you if you wear glaring floral to an interview!). Also it was FOUR POUNDS.

I love seeing what people find in charity shops, I’m usually always extremely jealous of their one-off pieces, and there’s usually not another like it for miles around, so forget the chains and get charity shopping!

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