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I’m sorry, Bombay Bicycle Club

written by Emma 11th March 2014

Sometimes I forget how good a band is until I see them live. I used to be a massive fan of Bombay Bicycle Club: I listened to their first and second albums religiously and knew every word to each and every song, but when it came to their third album, I think I just got bored. I know that sounds absolutely AWFUL, but I wasn’t the greatest fan of their first single ‘Shuffle’ and so, wrongly, I just didn’t give their third album, ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ a chance.


Well, having just seen them live for the first ever time, here is my official apology: I’M SORRY BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB. I’m sorry that I kind of gave up on you and I’m sorry that I didn’t properly, properly give your third and fourth albums a listen. They are FAR from ‘average’ as I once labelled them in my head. I was so wrong, and I’m sorry.


Never in my life have I seen a band perform song after song after song, with barely any break, pause or sip of water. They were so slick, so full of energy and so completely passionate about their music. The show was made even more spectacular by beautiful animations that were projected onto numerous circular screens (which I think represented the cyclical nature of the moon, or life, or something) at the back of the stage. The animations varied from a horse galloping across a sunset-lit field, to a figure of a man sleeping under the stars, to a cobra snake being charmed. The animations complemented the music wonderfully and the whole show was actually incredibly moving. This is why I’ve decided to always try to see bands live, because it can completely change your perception of their music and what they’re about. So I’m really, really sorry Bombay Bicycle Club, but thank you for being REALLY GOOD and making me change my mind. 

Here’s a little video of them doing their thing. Sorry about the sound quality, I think it’s been distorted by instagram!

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