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I’ma take your Grandma’s style

written by Emma 13th February 2014

I got dressed this morning and realised that all the clothes I was wearing used to be my Grandma’s (apart from my velvet leggings). My Grandma always gives me her old clothes because either she’s too tiny to fit into them, or because they’re not appropriate to wear to the WI. I promise I won’t regularly post annoying selfies of my “outfits” on here, but I just thought this was cool because my Grandma is now 85 and 4ft tall. 

She picked up the Breton-striped top in Venice and she bought the raspberry pink bomber jacket in Paris about 40 years ago. They are truly what-I-call “vintage”. 


Out of EVERYTHING I wear, I always get the most compliments for my Grandma’s old clothes, so from now on I’m going to try and stop with the online shopping, and head to the charity shops because that’s what she would do. My Grandma is the most inspirational person ever, and now she’s also a fashion ICON. Here’s a picture of her doing art and looking arty.


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