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I want to be Claudia Winkleman

written by Emma 9th February 2014


This time last year I had one of the best experiences of my whole life. I auditioned to present my uni TV station’s Elections Night Live, watched by over 10,000 people. Despite the fact that I can barely even construct a sentence on the radio (let alone in front of a camera) I was chosen (yay!) and had the opportunity to present my first ever 4 hour long LIVE broadcast on TV. 

It was the most terrifying, nerve-racking, eyes watering, hands sweating, HEART PUMPING experience of my life, but it was also the best.

I had to listen to my director in one ear, listen to my co-presenter in the other ear, listen to Rosie the raving roving reporter in another ear (so many ears), make sure the timing was perfect, interview candidates, make sure candidates weren’t swearing or crying, make sure my ear piece didn’t fall out, make sure I looked at the camera, make sure I didn’t fall over because I was looking at the camera AND make sure I wasn’t fiddling with my bra (which was sellotaped to me – don’t ask), or picking a spot. 

I hope one day in the future, on whatever station wherever in the world, I’ll be able to do it again. PLEASE. This is my job application right here. 

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